Lakeside Campground Policies

  1. Quite hours are 11:00 pm – 9:00 am. This is strictly enforced! No power equipment before 9:00 am.
  2. Camping units, golf carts and all motorized vehicles must have Insurance. We will need a copy of your Insurance to keep on file. You must be at least 16 years old and have a valid driver license to operate motorized vehicles or golf carts. We allow electric golf carts only. All motor vehicles and golf carts must be operated at the speed of 5 mph or below. All passengers must be seated at all times. Please do not cut through campsites. Stay on the road.
  3. Campground speed limit is 5 MPH maximum. Watch out for children. Chronic offenders will be asked to park outside of the campground.
  4. Do not drive around the gate. There will be a $$ fine if you do. Anyone caught will be fined $$. Second time you will be asked to leave the park. Gate cards are for your use only, not your guests. Guests must register before entering the camp.
  5. Owners of unit are responsible for their guests. A fee of $5.00 per person, per day will be charged for all visitors. Day visitors can come between the hours of 9:00 am until 10:00 pm. All overnight visitors will be charged $10.00 per person. Seasonal campers are responsible for their visitors at all times. If you have visitors you must be here. If you will be having more than ten visitors at one time please let us know in advance.
  6. Put all Garbage in Dumpster. Do not put garbage outside of dumpster. No fish entrails (use the fish cleaning station) and no trash from home.
  7. All pets must be kept on a ^ft controlled short leash at all times. You must clean up after your pets and do not leave them unattended in the park or the beach area. Please do not hide pet droppings under the rocks, water or hill side, etc.. Pet owner assumes complete liability for any injury inflicted by their pet. We will need a copy of your pets records to keep on file.
  8. Absolutely no washing of cars, boats or trailers. You may do an annual wash of your trailer before Memorial Day or after Labor Day with prior notice to management.
  9. Please limit showers to 10 minutes and do not waste water. Check your water lines and hoses frequently for leaks.
  10. Please do not remove tables from pavilion without permission.
  11. Campers are responsible for keeping their sites neat and debris free. If it becomes necessary for us to clean up your site, you will be charged $$. Please ask the owner before digging or altering your site in anyway.
  12. Please have campfires in designated areas only. Do not move fire rings. The fire ring and tables are on loan to you and should be cared for appropriately.
  13. Absolutely no fireworks, firearms, bows, sling shots, or bb guns, in campground.
  14. Parents will be responsible for the action of their children at all times. Children under 10 years of age are not permitted in restrooms / showers unless accompanied by an adult. Children and teens must return to their site by 10:00 pm unless under direct parental supervision. All children 12 years and under must wear a helmet while riding bikes (state law) please ride slow and safely. Bikes are to be ridden on camp roads.
  15. One RV or tent per site.
  16. No subletting of units. We have cottages that can be rented out.
  17. All onsite trailer sales go through Lakeside Campground (restrictions and fees apply).
  18. Lakeside Campground Inc. assumes No Liability for damage of or loss of personal property or bodily injury. Any legal action against Lakeside Campground Inc. with maximum of $300.00 is to be done in Chautauqua County, New York all legal fees will be customer’s responsibility. All bills are to be paid in full before your unit leaves the park.
  19. Remember to be considerate of your neighbors.

Lakeside Campground Incorporate reserves the right to refuse services and will not be responsible for accidents or injury, for loss of money, jewelry or valuables to renters and visitors. Disorderly conduct, intoxication, obscene acts or language will result in forfeiture of right to occupancy and no refunds will be given. If you have any complaints, problems, questions or suggestions, please stop by the office. We are here to help everyone enjoy a pleasant camping experience. Thank you.

Management of Lakeside Campground

John Trevelline

Lakeside Campground   24 hours 716-736-3362

10768 Westlake Rd.  Ripley, New York 14775

Emergency Numbers:

Police 911                         Fire 911